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Not only a fun game but the fact it's free and with no ads makes me give it a 5, good job guys.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man!

Neat concept for a game, great fun

Great time waster and addicting to boot, only real issue is the high score board not working properly with everyone stuck at 2,147,483,647 but other than that good job


very good game to pass the time with

also, on your birthday, if you leave for work then go straight back into your apartment, claudette is blowing balloons up with her arse

good work

fun game, interesting concept, shame its short, but heres hoping for a longer and even more varied sequel


strange to see my song being used in something, only wished you had contacted me beforehand so i could of recorded a better version with a mic. oh well.

as for the gameplay, its fun and addictive, the only real gripe i can point out so far is not being able to jump once you get to a certain point close to the edge of a gap
but it may be poor playing on my behalf
the characters, animation and gameplay are nicely done for a 2 week project, and i have to say, its addicting, look forward to your future projects

MonoFlauta responds:

good :D glad you like it :D

pretty excellent

toss the turtle better look out, this game has a lot of potential. interesting concept and nice songs, and the fact you can make your own up is pretty incredible
definately impressed
5/5 10/10

not bad..

got a 73.. would of been 74 but not being from america caused me to not know what days new simpsons eps are aired...

in awe

this has got to be easily one of the most original and addictive games ive seen here on newgrounds, if there is a sequel, i have no doubt itd be first place in games within an hour of posting it. nice work

appetite for destruction

very fun game, easy to figure out and play, the only problem i have with some of the flash games here is that they tend to think im constantly pressing left for no reason and it screws up the game for me.... maybe its just my laptop good effort though, look forward to the next one

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